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2017 NABBA Results

3 NABBA Competitions, 3 Top Finishes!

27 June 2017
The Pikes Peak Brass Band is pleased to announce their second place finish in the 2017 NABBA competition, 1st section! This marks their third consecutive top three finish at the NABBA contest. Their debut appearance in 2015 resulted in a third place finish, which catalyzed their resolve to return and improve their standing. After much diligent preparation and dedicated effort, the band placed 1st in 2016. The brass band website 4barsrest.com reviewed the contest, describing the PPBB's performance: "the Music Director [Debbie Baker] carefully controlled the dynamics in renditions of the set-work, 'The Alchymist's Journal' and their own-choice of 'A London Overture', which featured excellent soloists and a free flowing sense of musicality." 

With 33 large brass bands performing at NABBA this year, the competition quality was at an all time high. The 1st section included the four bands responsible for claiming the section title from 2008-2016, a rare circumstance indeed. "It was a privilege just to be considered amongst the 1st section competitors this year," said PPBB President, Keven Stewart. "To be in the top three for three consecutive years in such a competitive climate is truly an honor. The credit for our success rests with our music director and all of our musicians, who's dedication and diligence manifest the highest possible standard for excellence in musical performance." Congratulations to the Pikes Peak Brass Band!

2 Time 10-Piece National Champions!

For the 2nd year in a row, the Pikes Peak Versatile Brass, a sub group of the Pikes Peak Brass Band, was awarded first place honors in the NABBA 10-Piece competition. Under the direction of Music Director, Debbie Baker, the PPVB performed Gareth Wood's progressive work The Raft of Medusa, a dynamic and powerful piece for 10 piece brass ensemble. While every player was featured in the performance, impressive solo work by the soprano cornet of Mark Baker and the solo trombone of Keven Stewart were instrumental in delivering the first place finish. The PPVB looks forward to returning to the competition in 2018 to perform again on the national stage! 

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About the Band

The Pikes Peak Brass Band is an elite 33 member ensemble in the classic British brass band tradition, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Concerts electrify audiences in educational and public settings and promote excellence in music. Let the PPBB enrich your next school band concert, civic event, or special occasion. Learn More
Interview with Debbie Baker, Director
and Joe Boylan, Vice President

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Educational Outreach: A Key Part of the PPBB Mission

The Pikes Peak Brass Band is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with school music programs in the form of joint concerts or special fundraising events to support school music programs in the Pikes Peak and Front Range region.

The band will perform in concert with school band programs at the high school or college level. Programs include a short concert by the band and band members will often sit in with the school's performing groups on a featured number. Encourage your students and parents with inspiring music and by showing them that live music performance can be a part of your community after your school days are behind you!

Please contact one of our officers to find out how your organization could benefit from the Pikes Peak Brass Band.

Mission Statement

The Pikes Peak Brass Band champions the continuation of music in community and educational settings, inspiring a new generation of audiences by striving to achieve the highest possible standard for excellence in musical performance.


Sub openings only.

Membership in the Pikes Peak Brass Band is open to all high caliber musicians who play a brass band instrument. Although permanent openings in the band are uncommon, we are consistently looking for talented players. Click the button below for more information.


Graner Music is a major partner of the Pikes Peak Brass Band, providing generous support for instrument repair and replacement.

CIOMIT is a school of instrument repair and a high level repair facility where professional and student instruments from across the USA are sent for repair and restoration.


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