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Seize the Day (Nov. 21, 2011)
       The Fountain Creek Brass Band

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Performers: The Fountain Creek Brass Band, conductor: Debbie Baker

Produced: November, 2011

Description: Inspired by annual trips to London to witness the brass band finals at Royal Albert Hall, the Fountain Creek Brass Band was motivated to record a collection of some of the most cutting edge and challenging brass band literature available. The title track, 'Seize the Day', was premiered at a concert attended by members of the Fountain Creek Brass Band in London in 2009 and accurately represents what the band intended to accomplish with this release. The CD also includes advanced British concert pieces and marches, American concert pieces for brass band, and features noteworthy solos from Keven Stewart (trombone) and Frank Hilligas (tenor horn). This release documents the Fountain Creek Brass Band's expansion into new extremes of the brass band tradition and will leave the listener excited for more.


Listen to Samples

1. Fanfare For A New Age (Goff Richards)
2. Seize the Day (Peter Graham)
3. Casper's Lullaby (James Horner, Arr. Sandy Smith)
4. Barnard Castle (Goff Richards)
5. Trombonology (Tommy Dorsey, Arr. Alan Fernie) - Featuring Keven Stewart, Trombone
6. Anthem of the Free (Dean Goffin)
7. Prelude on Tallis (Peter Graham)
8. Bridgewater Intrada (Kenneth Downie)
9. Piper O' Dundee (Kenneth Downie) - Featuring Frank Hilligas, Tenor Horn
10. Nicaea (William Himes)
11. Malaguena (Ernesto Lecuona, Arr. Sandy Smith)
12. Star Lake (Eric Ball)



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